Popping back up: next steps & new ideas

The stare by Konsta Punkka on 500px.com

It’s many many months now since I wrote here. Busy with other things, hoping for other outcomes. That’s not to say the time spent has been unhappy – nay, we’ve been on holidays, enjoyed art, music, and celebrations with family and friends. And we have more of all that ahead. Much joy. But yes, of course, moments of sadness.

After a few rounds of Clomid, we moved onto IUI – we’ve just finished our second cycle, with no luck. We’ll have a review session with our doctor at the end of this month, and we’re anticipating the next step will be IVF. I think we need to just get those dang gametes in a petri dish so we can work out why they don’t wanna tango! But with Christmas coming up, and the fact that our private health insurance won’t contribute to the cost of IVF until the end of March (thank you very much, pre-existing condition), we won’t start anything until at least April next year. And I’m actually totally fine with that. Of course, I’d love the idea of taking that big leap in odds (going from about 11% with IUI to around 30% with IVF) as soon as possible, but I’m actually glad for the break, and looking forward to just enjoying my birthday and the festive season with a few glasses of wine, then starting the new year fresh.

While I hope that IVF, or IVF with ICSI will be the answer for us, I know that they might not be. We’re open to the idea of adoption, but haven’t started seriously investigating it just yet. That’s another thing we’ll explore in the New Year. But I’ve been following a couple of blogs (here and here) where families have shared their adoption journeys, and it’s taught me a lot, and opened my eyes and heart to the possibilities. Both these blogs follow the process of adopting from China, which is interesting in and of itself. I’ve looked at a little information about both local and intercountry adoption in Australia, and I’m not sure which we’d pursue if we end up taking that path. I guess we’ll know more once we attend an info session next year.

In the meantime, I’m planning to make the next few months as bright and merry as possible. With the weather getting warmer it’s much easier to be up and about, and I now only work 4 days a week which is bliss! I’m planning to explore more, do more craft, and get to work on a book about the infertility journey. I’m aiming to keep track of all the adventures here – will be trying to post more often!

Image by my favourite wildlife photographer at the moment, Konsta Punkka


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